Why MyDisclosure?

MyDisclosure (Online Disclosure System) is an internet based tool used to facilitate the electronic disclosures of business interests by employees and Board Members of customers both in public and private sector.

The benefits of MyDisclosure are, inter alia, as follows:

  • Reduced cost, as there is no manual capturing of the completed forms;
  • Improved processing time of the disclosure process;
  • Easy submission of disclosure from any device with internet access (i.e iPads, Smart phones, Laptops), at any time;
  • Unique username and passwords issued to each employee and Board member to ensure secure login;
  • Minimal human intervention reduces data capture errors;
  • Real time management and reporting of the process, including details of defaulting employees and Board Members;
  • Reminder functionality (email and/or SMS), which notifies defaulters that their disclosures are outstanding;
  • As the information is uploaded onto a database, the declarations are searchable immediately;
  • Increased security through the disclosure information being stored on an encrypted web server;
  • Easy document management, as supporting evidence for any disclosure or deletion can be attached and uploaded to the database;
  • Online support when completing disclosures;
  • Immediate disclosures by new employees and Board Members; and
  • Year round, live updating of disclosures by employees and Board Members.