Product Overview

Disclosures of Business Interests meets Technology

Currently, paper based systems are in place to facilitate the disclosures of business interests of employees and Boards Members within public and private sector. These hardcopy disclosure forms are captured into electronic systems, which facilitate the vetting of these disclosures electronically.

As business is forever changing so is PwC adapting and embracing new methods of supplying our services to our customers making things simpler, faster and more cost effective. We have noted a need amongst our existing client base to find a better way of facilitating annual disclosures for detection of conflict of interest between employees and their suppliers.

With business being driven towards embracing technology, we realized that a paper based disclosures system combined with manual data capturing is a thing of the past and developed a web based tool to easily and efficiently facilitate the disclosures process.

With the computing power available in this day and age business is expected to produce results quicker than ever and manipulate data into information at the click of a button.